Rough day = blanket fort

So imagine my relief when I’m feeling horrible and this is what I come home to:


Sometimes when you’ve had a rough day at work and everything seems like an uphill struggle you just need to come home to a blanket-fort containing your favourite person. Not only is this the cosiest and most comforting way to spend an evening, it’s also amazing to be reminded that the person you love knows EXACTLY what to do to make everything better even if it is only within the confines of the blanket fort. Note to self. Build more blanket forts….get better at them….


This is what I’m aiming for next time šŸ˜‰

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I want it all

So that’s it really. I do want it all and what’s so bad with wanting it all? I’ve been complained at in the past for wanting my cake an eating it, but I don’t see what’s wrong with that? Why not try to squeeze as many happy memories as possible in one day? I’d rather indulge myself on all the experiences I can manage than bumble along and miss out! I reckon wanting it all pushes us to obtain greater things. That’s it really, just a random passionate thought on a train and a personal goal to never stop wanting it all!

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Blog No.2- when I’m 64 (or 80 as you’ll find out)

Time to attempt blog number two? So I suppose back to the theme of growing up a bit and making changes / big decisions when you hit that point in your life and you realise you need to start thinking about where you want your life to head.

I’m always excited about the next step. It’s just a part of me. I enjoy looking forward and dreaming about where things could go. I spoke to a colleague today who I found out shares my enthusiasm for what comes next and I shared a sentiment with her that I’ve not really mentioned to many people before. I always base my actions on what I will tell people when I’m 80. If suppose if I’m honest the “people’ I’m referring to are children and grandchildren. If IĀ reach a ripe age and I canĀ tellĀ my loved ones that when faced with a choice of directions to go in, I chose the exciting, brave movesĀ instead of plodding along and regretting never finding out what I could have done, then I will be a happy woman. I only ever want to create the stories that I will be proud of repeating later in life, even if they include mistakes.

I thinkĀ the possibility of a future familyĀ can be a really strong source of motivation. I remember from my evolutionary psychology lecturesĀ discussing sources of motivation. If an action that you carry out has the possibility to not only enrich your life but the lives of those you’ll leave behind, then of course the motivation will be that much stronger.

I’ve used this thinking pointĀ a lot in life and this is the way IĀ think of it -Ok, so some options may not be too bad and I could survive with them, but would IĀ be ashamed or embarrassed to repeat those stories when I’m older knowing that I took the easy way out? I would much rather tell my kids and friends that IĀ leapt and made bold decisions in life rather than tell them I wasted time avoiding scary subjects and ideas. I want to be able to reflect and rememberĀ that I only surrounded myself by people that made me smile and tried not to take the easy route every time.

All of this isn’t to say that I haven’t made mistakes or ever taken an easy option but the motivation of future bedtime stories and lessons has really helped me challenge myself a little more in life.

Right enough babbling for now. I feel suitably red faced by such a serious post but that’s what happens when you sit at a computer all day and have so much time to think! I promise to lighten up next time!

L x

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First actual blog

So I’ve decided to join the twenty-first century, in what to me feels like a big way. I think everyone reaches that time after their late teens when they realise they need to enforce a few changes in their life. For me this involved fleeing the country to spend time avoiding the real world, then coming home and attempting to grow up. I am currently still in the ” attempting to grow up” phase of my grand plan which I feel may well take some time.

So my recent attempts to change include actually treating myself to a nice phone ( from which I am now writing this blog) and attending a zumba class to try and ‘shape up’ before Christmas.

Now zumba to me deserves an entry in my humble little blog as it has to be the single most bizarre experience of my life as a beginner. Now let’s please keep in mind that I did not attend this class alone. I went with my boyfriend’s mother and I challenge any self respecting woman not to be weirded out by dancing about, practicing their best pelvic thrust next to their boyfriends mum, whilst being howled and whooped at by an albeit lovely, overtly camp man gyrating left right and centre. This being said after about 10 minutes of feeling confused, uncoordinated and embarrassed, both myself and the aforementioned boyfriend’s mum were laughing, dancing about and actually really enjoying ourselves. So there you have it I am now a zumba-er a blogger and an iPhone owner all in the space of one week. I feel very modern. But the big question is how long will all of this last?

Right I have babbled enough for now. First blog accomplished! – L

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Hello world!

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